Living in the Pain


A full life. What does that even mean in a world bombarded by media, messages, sights, smells, people, and lights. Oh my many lights and neon signs. We can easily fill our life. No problem. But does a “filled” life equate to a “full” life? If so, how can people have everything they could want and need yet still feel alone or still struggle with hidden lies and addictions. How are we, as a society, the most connected we have even been, and yet the most isolated at the exact same time?

I have started a journey. I am reading a book. Every new chapter in a book is a new adventure waiting to unfurl. Usually adventures are fun and exciting..this adventure is more painful and challenging really. See this book is all about finding joy while experiencing pain and suffering. Sounds like the kind of book EVERYONE is just dying to read. The book: “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. This book, combined with the hell that was 2013, has inspired this blog. (Because while challenging, this book is legit) With this book came a decision: I will write a poem at the end of every chapter. Here is this first of many:


The treasures in darkness

The mystery in the unanswered questions

The joy in the dark night of the soul

The wild out of the ordinary

The grace in the pain

Letting go—- to grab a hold

The bowing low to stand straighter; taller

The emptying to be completely filled

The dance long after you’ve forgotten the song

And a story so beautiful there is no way it was conceived by a human mind

A daring life on the wings of the Almighty.