Should you Whole 30? Vol. 1


I just know this is a question that has plagued you for years.

Should I try the Whole 30 Program? Do I want to be miserable for 30 days straight? Do I hate myself so much that I will forego all the yummy food and beverages the world has garden 2to offer me? Well, if you’re crazy, love your body more than food, or have regular diarrhea, then yeah, you should try it.

My husband and I get into these ambitious moods about 1 time a year where we want to try something new and challenging. Well, this year, its the WHOLE 30. For all of you normal, sane human beings out there, you may not have heard of it, so recap: for 30 days you eat nothing but meat, veggies, and fruit. Sure there’s eggs and good fats you can eat…but no bread, dairy, alcohol, nuts, legumes, or SUGAR.


Now hear is the thing, this isn’t a “I hope I lose weight diet”, but rather a “I hope I feel better and learn more about how my body reacts to food.” Because at the end of these 30 days, I will be adding things back in, one at a time, to see how my body responds. WINE AND CHEESE…come to momma!

Except…we are only on day 9. : ( Yeah, day 9. I have never been more sleepy or grouchy (sugar withdrawal much?) in my entire life. We went to buy a car over the weekend and I had a constant and strong desire to stab things, including my new car (which I love). I slept an average of 10 hours a night over the weekend, and I found myself staring at food commercials like a starved dog by a dumpster. They say the grouchiness and cravings go away as your body finds its “center” once again.


What’s CRAZY though, I am eating awesomely. Shrimp omelettes, homemade lamb meatballs, carnitas bowls, sweet potatoes and homemade sausage, fresh salsa…you get the idea. I’m eating like a boss. And you know what? I haven’t had one upset stomach, bloating, etc. I have lost weight while eating a ton, my husband and I have gotten to cook together more since well…we have to, and everything going into my body is being used.

Side note: I have GERD. I don’t take meds for it, and I haven’t had one flare up since starting Whole 30. Its amazing considering I usually get 1-2 a week!!!

So, on Day 9, would I recommend it? Yes. But ask me again on day 20, I may be foaming at the mouth as we drive by fast food joints or ice cream parlors by then. : )

If you so choose to do the Whole 30, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan- set a date in the future. Not tomorrow, you will fail.
  2. Buy the Book. It is worth it! When you have your day where you want to kill people, you will look up day 4 in the book and realize that’s entirely normal.
  3. Do it with someone. I know I need the motivation and help. Its hard being the only one eating natural, whole foods.
  4. Meal plan weekly and only buy what you need for that week.
  5. Do Online grocery ordering…it is torture walking through the grocery store seeing all the things you cannot eat.
  6. Use your Sunday or Monday night to cook a bunch of stuff for your week so you can rest later in the week. Especially prep for breakfast and lunch.
  7. Break it into 10 days at a time. Way more manageable than 30. Tomorrow will make my 10 day mark! That is success right there.

So should you whole 30? Eh, its not for the faint of heart…but yeah, maybe? Who knows?

I’ll be back with vol. 2 closer to the end of the 30 days. Check back to make sure I am still alive and haven’t stabbed anyone.