Should You Whole 30 Vol. 2


We finished the Whole 30 at the end of August. I know I promised to post back then, but I wasn’t quite ready to write about it. I wanted to see if we would stick with it afterwards. Also, with all the New Years resolutions floating around, it seemed like the perfect time.

So thank you for your patience!!

Was the Whole 30 life changing? Yes….and….no.

First I’d like to address how my life didn’t change: I didn’t lose ridiculous amounts of weight, or find out I’m highly allergic to gluten. I sometimes still eat pizza and definitely drink alcohol. Maybe I thought my mind would be blown and I’d walk away with zit free skin and boundless energy. If only our food could do all that. But see…life is still happening. We still have long days, hormones, allergies to dust, and are just sad sometimes. It didn’t fix me.

It reset me.

Doing the whole 30 created healthy habits. My lifestyle is changed in small but meaningful ways. I am more intentional about what goes in my body and how it might affect me.

In general, the food we eat now is not just better for us, but honestly, it is also delicious! I feel good about what I eat while thoroughly enjoying what I eat. I hope I never go back to my prior eating habits. It was sugar, carbs, stomach aches, and acid reflux.

Compare our before and after breakfast menu:

Before Whole30: fruity greek yogurt cup (9g of sugar), cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

After Whole30: sweet potatoes, chicken or turkey sausage, over medium egg. black coffee.

I have a healthier relationship with food now. I don’t mood eat and instead use my food to help promote a positive mood. I don’t wonder if I could eat better. I instead feel good about what goes into my body. And well, we cheat sometimes. I still crave and eat frozen pizza about once a week.  But these things are the exception, not the norm. Health is the norm, and it feels pretty dang good.

So….was it worth it? It was for us!


Tips and Tricks:

1. Buy the cookbook. It will save your life.

2. Do a grocery pick up or delivery service like clicklist or Amazon Fresh. You will be cooking A LOT so if you can eliminate shopping time, do it. Also, it’s nice to not be tempted by all you can’t eat.

3. Do it with a buddy. Have someone to eat with, share cooking with…someone to whom you can complain.

4. Prep your breakfast and lunch food for the week. Make sweet potatoes, mayo, chicken salad, boiled eggs. Help yo’ self.

5. Follow the Whole30 Instagram for ideas and inspiration.

6. Know your fast food options: Chipotle, Five guys, some vegan places (check ingredients online)

7. Don’t start right before a major holiday or vacation. Plan it for a time you can follow through on it. Completely.

Our Favorite Recipes:

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs: make DIY Ranch for dipping. Yes please!

Basil Turkey Meatloaf

Thai Meatball and Egg Drop Soup

Steak and Sweet Potato Bowls: This was too good! The store was out of skirt steak so we purchased chimichurri marinated steak. (IT WAS PERFECTION)

Most of our other favorite recipes can be found in the Whole30 book!


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