It’s Time to Party!!


Okay, I am totally switching gears on everyone. So far my posts have been more on the emotional, reality check side of life. Today, I am going to stray into the “let’s have fun and throw a party” side of life…literally.

Summer is upon us. Warm days. Long nights. Friends who sometimes stay way past their welcome: you know who you are! I get really excited about summer. I love warm weather, water, being outside…and I love throwing a kick-ass party. You can ask anyone who knows me….I throw a damn good party.

Maybe you’re reading this and you think…”I’m introverted, I hate parties.” New flash, me too! Our issues:  the mood is off, the amount of people we don’t know, the unknown of how to make so many people comfortable, and the lack of escape. You extroverts might be thinking, “Doesn’t everyone just have fun at parties…why would I need to plan?” Everyone isn’t as comfortable as you. Chances are there are introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts at a party. Their needs and likes warring with one another. I can help with that. There some basic rules, pointers if you will on how to throw an excellent party that every personality will love. Here we go!

  • Have a theme.

    • I don’t understand the point of a theme-less party. This is important because it gets people excited. They start thinking about the party before they arrive. They also take a certain ownership of the party when they have to dress or bring something according to theme.
    • Also, as a host, this is so helpful. You can easily decorate, plan, make games all around your theme.
    • Speakeasy Party: old time music, fake cigars, cocktails, people dressed in 20’s garb, dancing, lounge area, etc. DONE.
    • Batman Party (yes I threw this for a grown adult): Yellow and black plates/decor, people wore superhero shirts, Joker Juice, DC comic labels and signs, etc. DONE
  • Decorate: 

    • Maybe this is a super chill party with no huge theme. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to decorate!! But having a theme helps!
    • Pick a color and run with it. Make everything black and white. Use teal plates. Set out colorful mason jars with straws.
    • Put fresh flowers everywhere
    • The easiest thing you can do here is use your dinnerware and food to decorate. Intentionally set your plates out, have a theme to the food or cocktails, buy cute straws, set sparklers in a mason jar, arrange the cups with name tags.
    • Label your food or drinks. This simple item goes along way to classing up a party.
  • Create independence for you and your guests: 

    • Have things for your guests to do that aren’t a group game or require host initiation.
    • This helps the host not have to entertain.
    • It helps the guests to party at their own pace. 
    • Examples: Set up yard games outside, have an art table, write in a scrap book, create an event #hashtag so people take pics and post online
      • If you decide to to a group game, it needs to be something that fits your crowd and theme. Science trivia might not be the best idea at an outdoor party. Volleyball or a scavenger hunt might be better options.
    • As a host, know in advance what you want to be responsible for. Are you making drinks or will you leave out recipes? Do you want to host a group game part way through or are you mingling all night? Plan for what you feel comfortable doing, and then only do that.
  • Mood Music: 

    • I hate going to a party or hang out that doesn’t play music. Honestly, it doesn’t make sense to me. Those awkward spaces, the lack background noise, and the overall discomfort when music is absent makes my introverted self go crazy.
    • SO PLAY MUSIC. and be intentional about it.
    • If you are having a batman party…don’t play James Taylor. Play fun music, maybe 90’s when we all grew up watching batman. Don’t play rap music at a speakeasy party. ya know?
    • Music sets the tone for your party. So pick accordingly, take that extra 30 minutes to make a playlist, and let it rain.
  • Have a Photo booth

    • Everyone just loves them and they are so easy to make.
    • Go on Pinterest, get some ideas, and make one for under $20.
    • People love taking pictures of themselves and feeling special. Check and Check.
    • If you don’t have someone designated to take pics, that’s ok, leave a selfie stick or just let them figure it out. They will.
  • Don’t Do It All Yourself

    • It is okay, in today’s party climate, to ask your friends or attendees to bring things.
    • When I throw a party, I usually commit to either making food or providing drinks and ask guests to bring the opposite.
    • If people have fun games, applicable party decor, extra chairs, or a table, I ask them to bring it. A party doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Get a Co-Host

    • This is sooooooo helpful! Hosting a party alone sucks. Everything falls to you, and you probably are exhausted half-way through.
    • Spouse, partner, friend, whoever…throw a party with someone and split the duties. You will not regret it. (Unless you get into a huge fight and never talk to each other again, but I’m going to guess that was about to happen no matter what.)
  • Invite the Right People

    • You do not have to invite everyone you know to your party.
    • Invite the people you want there, actually enjoy, or who you want to get to know better

The bottom line is to be intentional about the party you throw. People will remember it, have fun, and probably look forward to the next one. The little things like colors used, music being played, and entertainment options will take your party to the next level. See below for some fun party themes and pictures.

The Black, Gold, and White NYE


The Roaring 20’s (Murder Mystery)

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